Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Polishing Off PC Raffle - The 3rd (and final) version!

Hey everyone. While I have had a lot of page views (thank you all for that btw, I needed the encouragement/validation) I haven't gotten a lot of donations for the raffle. At this point I think that has more to do with how I set it up rather than a lack of publicity. So I am changing it up again. And since there isn't much time left this will be it!

As of, well, now, each time a milestone is reached I will add another winner, and the prizes will be winner's choice. I am also changing the steps between the milestones. This is what I mean:

$50 - 1 winner
$100 - 2 winners
$150 - 3 winners
$200 - 4 winners
$250 - 5 winners
$300 - 6 winners
$350 - 7 winners
$400 - 8 winners
$450 - 9 winners
$500 - 10 winners
$600 - 11 winners
$700 - 12 winners
$800 - 13 winners
$900- 14 winners
$1,000 - 15 winners

15 possible winners, and if more than that is donated I will do my best to add more prizes/winners.

Since $250 has been raised so far, at the moment five names will be drawn. The first donor drawn gets to choose from all of the prizes (listed below in no particular order), the second gets to choose from the remaining prizes, and so on.

Spectral Pup (Dollish Polish)
The Gilty Pleasures 18K Real Gold Nail Polish Topcoat Trio Gift Box (Zoya)
Jawbreaker (Pretty & Polished)
Deadly Nightshade (Dollish Polish)
Shift Happens (Girly Bits)
Violet (The Nail Junkie)
The Koopa King (Dollish Polish)
Train Underwater (Pahlish)
A Peachy Princess (Dollish Polish)
Spectral Pup and Vampires Coven (Dollish Polish)
Go Luigi! (Dollish Polish)
Floam (Ninja Polish)
It's a Me, Mario (Dollish Polish)
Apple (The Nail Junkie)
Wicked Wario (Dollish Polish)

The rules are the same - the raffle is open until 12am EST Sunday October 14th, entrants must live/have a shipping address in the US or Canada, donations need to be made on my personal donation page here, the donation amount and your name need to be shown in the "Honor Roll" (In the dedication section, please select your name for "Recognition From," and please check off "Yes, I would like to show my donation amount scrolling"), each dollar donated counts as one entry (I am not including myself or my dad in the drawing but I am counting our donations toward the total raised), and each winner is entitled to one of the main prizes above.

I hope everyone likes this set up better since it allows for more winners and options as far as prizes. If you have any feedback please let me know, and please share this post with all of your Nail Polish friends!

Good luck everyone!

~ Jaclyn

*Note:Polishing Off PC is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.*

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